Sliding Gates

The electric motors are supplied separately and are not included in the installation due to the customers requests on brand type and specifications

The price does not include the electric motor nor does the license electrician on hook up.

Swing Gates

Linear actuators are not included in the swing gates above and are sold separately and electrical contractors installers are worked out according to local tradies within a 30 day period. The total is worked out accordingly and within the set contract fees given. We can do it all for you. Please call use to discuss this in more detail.

Custom frames made to measure

Interested in what you see, then why not call me on 0417 214 747 or email me in the Contact page above and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.        Thank you.

Do you need to enhance the curb appeal of your property while increasing the property value? If yes, an aluminum fence by Acme Gates can help you accomplish that goal.

All we need to know is how you would want to use your fence and what design do you envision for your fence. Do you need a pool fence? Do you need a dog fence? Or how about a garden fence to add a decorative element to your property?
Aluminum fences can be customized to fit your lifestyle in function and in style. Best of all, aluminum fencing is maintenance free.
Our aluminum fences can be designed to the fencing look and height you desire. We will make sure your fence stay within property lines and building permit guidelines.

A good aluminum fence will keep your family and pets safe. It will also prevent intruders from entering your property.

Acme Gates has a variety of colours, heights,styles and grades for you to choose from under our Aluminium fence gallery – industrial, commercial and residential fencing.

We treat every aluminium fence with powder coating to prevent rust and peel.